Residents Meetings

What is a Residents Meeting?

Residents meetings are set up so that leaseholders are able to share any concerns with their landlords. It is important to have a clear purpose for these meetings, such as discussing the accounts for annual service charges, or proposed improvements to the building.

Even though there is no legal requirement to hold residents meetings, it is still good practice to ensure the smooth running of your property. Building good rapport with your leaseholders will create constructive relationships and prevent any potential disputes from escalating

Questions to Ask at a Residents Meeting

Here are a few questions to help start a productive conversation during your residents meetings.

What contractors do we trust to carry out any remedial works?

How can we optimise standards of living within the development?

What time scales should we work to for completion of any works?

How will we inform other residents and leaseholders of the contents of today’s discussion?

Typical Residents Meeting Agenda

Every residents meeting should have a set agenda to ensure that it is productive and all the issues are addressed. It is also useful to print off or email the agenda out to those attending beforehand to ensure that everyone knows what is to come and allow them to take full part in the debates. Try to circulate an agenda a fortnight in advance to allow attendees adequate time to prepare.

Ensure that your residents meeting agenda outlines the topics of discussion clearly. It may be helpful to mention time stamps for each topic in case any attendees only wish to contribute to one element of the meeting. This will also keep your meeting on-track and ensure that all topics are covered.


Who is Involved With Residents Meetings?

As residents meetings are not legally required, there is no defined list of individuals that must be in attendance. However, you should extend invitations to leaseholders, landlords and the managing agents.


How Centrick Can Help With Residents Meetings?

As part of Centrick’s comprehensive Building and Estate Management package, we offer expert guidance to our clients so they can make the most out of their residents meetings. Our professional property managers are able to schedule and attend residents meetings, allowing leaseholders and landlords to participate in constructive conversations for the betterment of the property development.