For Resident Management Companies

Discover how we support Resident Management Companies with our award-winning property management solutions.

Awards and Accreditations

Financial Management and Administration

We understand the stresses of what goes on behind the scenes when managing a property. This is why we offer resident management companies a full-service approach to financial management and administration. At Centrick, we offer ongoing regulated financial management, meaning you’re safe in the knowledge that your funds are protected. This is underpinned by a comprehensive reporting system available to you at any time.

We’re also able to act as your company secretary, utilising a specialist team to offer company secretarial services and specialist advice regarding company matters. As a Director of the management company, you have certain responsibilities that you’re accountable for. Our team can take the stress out of this process, providing advice and even insurance support to ensure that you’re fully protected.

Resident Safety and Communication

There are two core tenets of effective property management – good communication and the well-being of residents. We always seek to maintain regular communication with residents, whether that’s face-to-face through our property managers or via our bespoke online portal. Every aspect of this service is provided with health and safety in mind. Our RMC team can advise on health and safety matters, ensuring clients understand important legislation and manage the property with best practices in mind.

Technology Support

In a world where everything is just an app away, our support is no different. We have an extensive, bespoke online portal ready to support resident management companies – allowing residents to get up-to-date information, access to development news, pay rent or service charges and even flag maintenance issues across individual apartments or communal areas. Aside from making your life easier, this elevates the resident experience and streamlines the broader process.

Frequently Asked Questions for RMCs

What if I’m seeking the Right to Manage?

If you’re considering establishing a Residents Management Company, you first need to check if you (and the building) is eligible. Fundamentally, to qualify, the building must be an apartment block where the majority of apartments have been sold on a long lease.

If you’re eligible and want to pursue the Right to Manage, our team can guide you through the process. Initially, we’ll establish why you want to pursue this route and whether it’s right for you. After that, it’s simply a case of building towards starting the formal process with other leaseholders. If you want to know more about the full process, you can read our blog here.

What does a property manager do?

It’s the role of the property manager to ensure that issues or disputes are dealt with efficiently and the property is well-maintained. The scope of what a property manager does can vary but in some cases, they may also oversee additional resident benefits such as security, cleaning, concierge or wider financial matters. If you want to know more about what a property manager does, you can read our blog here.