For Freeholders and Landlords

Explore how we support freeholders and landlords with our award-winning property management solutions.

Awards and Accreditations

Financial Solutions

A major headache for many landlords or freeholders is managing the property’s finances. Take the pressure off by working with our dedicated in-house finance team. We’re able to record, manage and report on all of your relevant finances including ground rent collection, ensuring that you’re always in the loop regarding your returns. Centrick is an RICS-regulated company, meaning you always have peace of mind that your funds are protected and there’s less risk involved. Our main goal is to maximise your assets, whether that’s safeguarding your returns through admin and fund recovery or boosting your returns via specialist advice.

Integrated Technology

A unique part of the Centrick offering is our bespoke property management portal, MyCentrick – a great tool that streamlines a range of elements related to property management. Aside from tracking and measuring key information about your property, it also facilitates a direct line of communication with residents meaning they can; log maintenance issues about apartments or communal areas, manage financial aspects such as rent payments and discover news or information about you or the development.

We take a leading approach to the tools we use to efficiently manage transactions, cases, and property asset management; allowing you to seamlessly handle financial transactions, such as rent collection and payment processing.

Automated processes, reducing manual errors and ensuring accuracy, provides robust reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing Centrick to gain valuable insights into the property portfolio’s performance enabling increased efficiencies.

Award-winning solutions` Award-winning solutions

Resident Communication

Good communication is the cornerstone of effective property management – particularly between freeholders or landlords, property managers and residents. The MyCentrick portal is a great tool for building a strong foundation of communication with residents and also provides you with a single touch point for your property management. As part of our solution, we emphasise constant and consistent communication in everything we do, adopting a client-led approach and leveraging that across all of our property management

Building Compliance

The introduction of the Building Safety Act means that freeholders and landlords have more obligations than ever before. With the inclusion of these new statutory regimes – as well as the ‘enhancement’ of existing rules – compliance has become even more important. Part of our service for freeholders and developers is the ability to offer advice and practical support around compliance for different areas including fire, insurance, company secretarial, legal, lease, warranty and maintenance.