Sustainable Communities

As well as having an extensive ESG strategy, we are committed to creating and empowering our clients to build sustainable, long-lasting communities that will define the future of the UK property industry.

Committed to People, Purpose and the Planet` Committed to People, Purpose and the Planet

Building Sustainable Communities

At Centrick, we empower our clients to shape the communities of the future by integrating environmentally responsible practices, fostering social inclusivity, and adhering to strong governance principles. Every aspect of our operations reflects our dedication to reducing environmental impact and promoting eco-friendly initiatives.

Through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions, we actively contribute to the development of resilient and thriving communities. We prioritise social responsibility, cultivating a sense of community and inclusivity in all that we do. Our strong ESG policy not only aligns with our ethical values but also positions us as industry leaders in responsible business practices.

By empowering our clients to embrace sustainable initiatives, we play a pivotal role in building communities that endure, leaving a lasting legacy characterised by environmental conservation, social well-being, and transparent governance.

Why B Corp?

Recognised on a global scale, the B Corp certification is bestowed upon businesses dedicated to serving as a positive force, meeting stringent criteria for social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Achieving B Corp status signifies that a business adheres to high standards in verified performance, accountability, and transparency, covering aspects ranging from employee benefits and philanthropy to supply chain practices and input materials.

With over 6,800 accredited B Corp companies worldwide spanning 161 industries across 89 countries and involving more than 550,000 workers, each company pledges to make a positive impact on all stakeholders, including workers, communities, customers, and the environment.

Having completed our initial business impact assessment, we plan to submit our B Corp application in September 2023, outlining our intentions to expand our social and governance strategies across the group by April 2024. Our ambitious targets include a 30% reduction in our carbon footprint by September 2024, aiming to secure B Corp accreditation three months later, aligned with the full implementation of our environmental strategy.

Our Journey

Centrick has always distinguished itself through an unwavering commitment to people, purpose, and the planet. Our ongoing dedication to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) actions reflects our commitment to the communities, individuals, and futures we serve. We firmly believe in the transformative power of integrating robust ESG practices into our core operating model, recognising the benefits that clear, accountable, and public commitments bring to our economy and society.

While sustainability has consistently been a focal point for the business across all levels, our formal journey into ESG commenced in April 2023 with the initiation of the B Corp accreditation process. Since then, we conducted an Initial Business Impact Assessment to gain a comprehensive understanding of our current position. Over the next 18 months, we will expand our groupwide Environmental and Social Governance strategies, develop and implement a Build-to-Rent (BTR) strategy for Net Zero and ESG-conscious residential buildings, establish a cross-functional employee taskforce to champion ESG, and strive to reduce our carbon footprint by 30%. Our goal is to achieve B Corp accreditation and fully mobilise our environmental strategy by December 2024.

Our Vision

The property sector’s overarching aim is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035 and an increasing number of developers and investors, much like us, are highly attuned to ESG considerations. They actively seek transparent routes to net zero, environmental sustainability, and heightened social awareness, and we embrace collaboration and partnership with those who share our ESG vision. However, our decision to pursue the B Corp accreditation is not motivated by commercial interests; rather, it stems from a moral conviction that it is the ethically right course of action. Our ESG goals are ambitious, and we believe that B Corp provides a platform to elevate and expand upon these aspirations.

Our Visions Include

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Minimise our measurable carbon footprint
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Reduce waste
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Take ethical, accountable actions
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Make positive societal contributions
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Support and create meaningful communities
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Provide an open, diverse and supportive workplace for all