Portfolio Asset Management

Portfolio Asset Management Solutions

With complete oversight of mixed use residential portfolios our team protect and enhance the value of your assets.

Mixed Portfolio Management

Ground Rent Portfolio Management

Agent and Intermediary Management

Property Lifecycle Management

Exceptional Property Asset Managers

Since 2005, Centrick’s exceptional Asset Management team has provided national portfolio management solutions, unlike other Asset Managers our strength lies in our deep-rooted operational expertise.

We understand how to create value from your portfolio because for almost 20 years we’ve managed residential assets of all types nationally – from distressed assets to new build, SFH to BTR and beyond. Our team give you complete oversight of your portfolio and create clear, accountable pathways to long term value.

Trusted Asset Managers

For two decades our team have been trusted by major institutions and growing funds to manage, protect and enhance their portfolios – putting reputation, people and performance first.

Clear, Transparent Reporting

With regular, clear, institutional grade reporting across large mixed profile residential portfolios we create straightforward returns visibility across your whole portfolio or agent partners.

Complete Portfolio Control

We make control easy. With clear frameworks, SLA’s and review schedules we manage partner agents and intermediaries across the country, helping you stay in control of risk, performance and ensure high quality services to your customers.

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Practical Property Experts

With over 26,500 homes under management we’re experts in diverse residential portfolios. Combining national experience, regional knowledge and best in class compliance to ensure maximum value, safety and security.

Asset Management Strategy

In addition to operational excellence across our managed portfolios we work closely with you to research, define and execute clear investment and divestment planning. We identify opportunities to raise rental income and to make cost savings, whilst ensuring optimum compliance.

We also help to identify opportunities for sale or acquisition, when the time is right. With on the ground RICS accredited surveyors in-house and regular inspection schedules we help you identify any risk areas across the portfolio, mitigating financial and reputational risks through good governance and strong lifecycle management.

National Property Portfolio Asset Managers.` National Property Portfolio Asset Managers.

Cost Management Covered

Cost control is a cornerstone to ensuring your Portfolio is strong and stable, by creating clear asset plans and identifying opportunities for both increased revenue and cost savings at detail and macro levels our Portfolio Asset Management services help you enhance and protect the value of your portfolio.

Areas we support

  • Rent reviews
  • Risk reviews
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Market comparison
  • Audit
  • Agent Management
  • Agent Vetting, Tender and Instruction
  • Planned and Reactive works
  • Insurance mediation
  • Energy mediation (where required)

We have found having a dedicated property management team coupled with the experience Centrick has to offer enables an efficient way of working and the introduction of the integration team is a real asset

Charlotte Thursfield, Seven Capital

Portfolio Asset Management Services

Our Property Portfolio Asset Management services involve strategic decision-making and operational oversight aimed at maximizing the value, performance, and returns generated from you portfolio of properties. This management typically involves various activities such as acquisition, disposition, leasing, maintenance, renovation, and financing of properties within the portfolio.

Compliance and Regulation

Ensuring compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards governing property ownership and management.

Portfolio Optimization

Continuously evaluating the performance of properties within the portfolio and making strategic decisions to optimize the overall portfolio composition and performance.

Agent and Intermediary Management

Sourcing, due diligence, appointment and management managing agents, partners or intermediaries.

Financial Management

Budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, and optimizing cash flow and profitability of the properties within the portfolio.

Risk Management

Identifying and mitigating risks associated with property ownership such as market fluctuations, legal liabilities, and environmental or ESG concerns.

Acquisition & Disposal

Identifying potential properties for acquisition or sale based on you portfolio and investment goals, market conditions, and financial analysis.

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