Third Party Enquiries

What is a Third Party Enquiry?

During the conveyancing process that occurs prior to the completion of a sale, the buyer’s representatives will ask questions – or ‘enquiries’ – regarding the property due to be exchanged. These ensure that all of the necessary information about the sale is shared between the seller and purchaser so that each party can make an informed decision regarding the completion of the sale.

How to Deal With a Third Party Enquiry

When the representative of the seller receives queries from the representative of the purchaser, it is imperative that answers to these questions are found promptly, and that the most up-to-date and accurate information is supplied. If such questions are not treated with a sense of urgency, the fate of the sale could be impacted.


Why Outsource Third Party Enquiries to Estate Managers like Centrick?

More often than not, conveyancers will not have all the answers to the questions asked by the purchasers. This can cause delays in the exchange of contracts, and could even risk the sale falling through. In order to simplify and expedite the process, many are outsourcing their third party enquiries to Building and Estate Managers such as Centrick.

When complex enquiries are received, estate managers take the burden away from conveyancers by doing all they can to find the answers. This may involve talking to the land registry, local authorities, landlord or management company on your behalf.

Centrick’s Building and Estate Management team are able to dedicate their time to easing the often arduous enquiries process so that you can focus on your other priorities.