Reactive Building Maintenance And Repair Management

When your properties experience damage, it’s vital that you have a reliable team on-hand to react to these sudden issues. Centrick’s team of dedicated property professionals are on hand to help you handle those unexpected property problems.

What Do We Do?

Reactive building maintenance is all about carrying out responsive works as and when needed. If anything within your building or development goes awry, your chosen reactive maintenance services provider will be on-hand to carry out the necessary works to get your property back to its normal condition once more.

Reactive maintenance is completed ad hoc and requires leaseholders to be invoiced for their proportion of the works prior to any works being completed. This is because no service charge or account funds are held for these reactive properties. Furthermore, the portfolio managers will initiate any section 20 major works projects when necessary and project manage this entire process from start to finish, ensuring the most competitive cost to the leaseholders and best service from the approved contractor.

Repair management involves ensuring that all the buildings in the portfolio are kept well maintained, compliant and in good condition. In addition, it is essential that no urgent health and safety risks are present and that any repair or remedial works are completed in a timely manner to ensure the properties do not turn into disrepair.

Building Maintenance Woes? Talk To Centrick!

This unique set up of the reactive portfolio requires a different approach to the standard operating model adopted for typical block portfolios. This is to ensure communication to residents is timely, works are undertaken efficiently, and the buildings are looked after proactively. At Centrick, we adapt our reactive maintenance services to suit you, your properties and your needs.

The Centrick team consists of a Senior Portfolio Manager that oversees the team and leads any major works projects, and an Assistant Portfolio Manager who leads any ad hoc reactive works and administrative tasks. The reactive team also includes two Asset Property Inspectors who are field based professionals that complete annual inspections and general risk assessments of the properties.

The property inspections and general risk assessments also include a fire risk assessment. If the internal communal area is deemed of a large size and a separate Fire Risk Assessment considered a reasonable cost, this would be completed in a separate report. Any actions and recommendations would be identified on the report to then be shared with the client and leaseholders for the appropriate actions to then be taken.

On completion of this inspection, a report is written up and provided to both the client and customer identifying any urgent or non urgent health and safety risks and the subsequent recommended actions needed to be taken. This way, you can protect your building from further maintenance issues whilst knowing Centrick are always on hand to deal with any that do arise.

Why Use a Reactive Maintenance Service?

Many of our clients opt for our reactive maintenance services as it requires far less forward planning – instead, we spend our time working to alleviate issues that have arisen at your property. We only action repair work once your asset actually fails, meaning that we have more time to produce actual results rather than merely preparing for the worst.

What’s more, our in-house workforce are absolute experts when it comes to reactive building maintenance – with years of experience and a variety of contacts, we are able to react to maintenance issues with speed, knowledge and accuracy. No more waiting for jobs to be completed: we aim to rectify your building’s issues with minimal downtime or disruption so that you, your leaseholders and occupants can carry on uninterrupted.

Problems We Solve

The most common problems we encounter include, but are not limited to:

40 Plumbing
Damp projects and leaks
06 progress crane house
Gutter and roof works
17 window
Window breakages
Security faults
15 Brick Wall
13 Building
32 wall
07 wall
External redecorations

Who We Help

At Centrick, the majority of our Reactive Building Maintenance services are utilised by large freeholder clients. These clients own a portfolio of properties in which leases are granted to leaseholders on an agreed term. However, our reactive building maintenance services can be helpful for those with smaller portfolios, or even those who are responsible for commercial properties such as offices and retail spaces. Whatever your building or portfolio, Centrick can help you keep on top of the stress of reacting to sudden maintenance issues.

What makes Centrick different?

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We’re agile, and we deliver cutting the delivery time for complex valuations to help you service your clients and keep your transactions moving.

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Today we deliver hundreds of valuations every year, and we’ve grown by 150% in the last 3 years alone.

My team work tirelessly to take the stress out of managing your property portfolio. We understand that sudden maintenance issues can be difficult to tackle, which is why we aim to do it on your behalf in a prompt, fuss-free manner.

Robert Angell – Senior Portfolio Manager

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Robert Angell

Senior Portfolio Manager