Fire Safety And Cladding Remediation

Download the comprehensive guide to Fire Safety and Cladding Remediation, full of all the information you need to know about fire regulation in 2023 and beyond.

What’s in the Fire Safety and Cladding Remediation guide?

A Changing Landscape

Since the Grenfell disaster, there have been an abundance of changes to the fire safety landscape. Explore the timeline of events from 2019 to 2023 as legislation and guidance has developed.


Explore the relevant certifications and guidance for fire safety: from the introduction of EWS1 in 2019, to its replacement with FRAEW in line with the Fire Safety Act.

Fire Safety Funds

Fire safety compliance can be expensive, and can cost leaseholders extortionate amounts of money. Find out what funding is available to you should you need to update your fire safety measures or cladding.

Fire Safety Checklist

Unsure what regulations you need to adhere to? At the end of the Fire Safety and Cladding Remediation brochure, you’ll find a simple fire safety checklist so that you can be sure you’re following the correct requirements.

Download the Fire Safety and Cladding Remediation Guide

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