Centrick Secures Grant Funding under the Heat Network Efficiency Scheme for Optimisation Studies

We have exciting news to share!  Alongside partner consultants and working in conjunction with three Building & Estate Management client sites we’re delighted to have secured grant funding under the Heat Network Efficiency Scheme (HNES) for optimisation studies at no less than three sites. The scheme, under the direction of the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, aims to facilitate optimisation studies that identify actions to improve heat network operation and deliver eligible intervention and improvement measures. As part of our commitment to ESG this is an important step in helping Centrick and our clients go much further than traditional Building and Estate Managers in securing the long-term future for our residents.

Teaming up with Caladen Consulting, Centrick has diligently pursued grant funding under the Heat Network Efficiency Scheme. This scheme, which is open to residential, commercial and mixed-use developments has been “extremely popular” according to UKGOV with the HNES stating “the funding, allocated in Round 5 of the scheme, will improve the efficiency of heat networks for the benefit of 8,492 residents and various other private and public sector organisations.” It’s part of a broader effort to tackle climate change and promote sustainable practices in the heating sector.

Whilst over £3 million has been awarded across all projects, in the latest round of the Heat Network Efficiency Scheme, new projects have received substantial support, with over £443,000 of revenue grant funding awarded for optimisation study. Centrick is proud to be among the few successful private sector applicants, securing funding for optimisation studies at three developments: Gooch House, Park Central and Victoria Point.

Phil Johns, Group Managing Director at Centrick, emphasised our commitment to ensuring all residents see the benefit from these studies and subsequent works. Not only could they see cost savings, but also a reduction in carbon emissions, contributing to a more sustainable future. Phil told us:

“Our goal is to ensure that all of our residents can benefit from the study and subsequent works, as well as from the cost savings and reduction of carbon emissions resulting from more efficient heat networks.

Through these optimisation studies, Centrick aims to enhance the performance of existing heat networks and identify areas for improvement, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.”

The optimisation studies undertaken are aimed at enhancing the performance of existing heat networks. By identifying areas for improvement, organisations can implement measures that lead to greater efficiency and environmental responsibility. It’s a proactive approach to addressing the challenges of climate change and reducing the carbon footprint associated with heating systems.

This achievement underscores Centrick’s dedication to innovation and sustainability in property management. By participating in initiatives like the HNES, we’re stamping our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry best practices and driving positive change.

For residents of Centrick-managed properties successful under this round of funding, these optimisation studies represent a tangible benefit. Not only are we paving the way to improved comfort and reliability across heating systems, but also contributing to broader efforts to combat climate change. It’s a win-win situation that aligns with both our own Centrick values but also with the challenges our residents feel every day.

As Centrick continues to explore opportunities for improvement and innovation, we invite stakeholders to learn more about our projects and initiatives, stay updated on the latest developments and see first-hand how Centrick is making a difference in the communities we serve.