Why work at Centrick?

Centrick is growing – and fast. With over one billion pounds worth of property assets to take care of, new deals to win, and new clients to onboard, we’re constantly looking to expand our team. But we realise that being a generic property agency isn’t quite going to cut it, especially if we want to attract the best talent across Sales and Lettings, Residential Property, Commercial Property, Building and Estate Management, BTR, Asset Management and Land and New Homes. That’s why Centrick goes above and beyond to provide the best possible work environment for our employees – after all, they’re what keeps us growing, and they deserve to have a workplace that encourages and nurtures them.

Don’t just take our word for it: we’ve spoken to Team Centrick to get their feedback on what they love about working here. Here we give you our top five reasons to work for Centrick:


The office is a place for productivity and hard work, progression, and business growth but Centrick believes that your 9-5 job should be a place where you can thrive as an individual as well as grow as a team. That’s why we place a huge emphasis on providing a supportive atmosphere for our employees. Most businesses will say their workforce feels “like a family”, but Centrick truly offers a robust support system to everybody within the company, with a dedicated mental health first aider available at all times. The fantastic location of our Birmingham City Centre Headquarters provides easy access to all the UK’s second city has to offer, making our teams’ work-life balance as healthy as possible. What’s more, we’ve partnered with Perkbox to ensure that our employees are directly rewarded for their hard work, because our teams’ efforts deserve to be celebrated and rewarded! It’s not just in Birmingham either, with Solihull, Nottingham, Manchester, Sheffield and London offices too we’re growing world-class teams across the UK.

Centrick General Sales

One Team

Creating a culture of openness and growth doesn’t just happen overnight, we understand that it takes hard work, dedication and more than a little collaborative spirit. We encourage ideas and innovation across the business at all levels, but we also care deeply about community and celebrating our achievements so much that we even throw an annual CentrickFest for our employees and their loved ones and families – a well-deserved chance to celebrate success and get to know our teams better. And if that wasn’t convincing enough, CentrickFest even has its own inflatable bar… does your current job offer that?!

Career Progression

At Centrick, career progression is far from slow. We understand that many of our most valued employees come to us from other careers where they felt unrewarded for their efforts and suffered from career stagnation. But as Centrick grows, so do our staff – many of our employees came to us as apprentices, and have stayed with us ever since because of the career progression we’re able to offer. Matt Halford – now our BTR Lettings Manager – joined us in 2011 as an apprentice and has since completed ARLA and NAEA qualifications with us, and is currently undertaking management training. Ultimately, if you want to keep growing in your career, Centrick will certainly provide you with the opportunities to do so.


Centrick actively gives back to the community with charitable endeavours. We’re particularly passionate about our deeply important Homelessness charity Reconnected, which aims to help those in and around Birmingham who don’t have stable housing. As a property agency, we know the importance of having a home, so we actively create and host fundraising events for Reconnected to help those who need support. Our aim is to reduce poverty and social isolation, enable a better quality of life and create learning and job opportunities for local people. We love our local communities and want to ensure that everybody has the opportunity to thrive.


Talent goes beyond gender, ethnicity, sexuality or belief, in fact, talent should be fostered and rewarded regardless of any  That’s why Centrick employs staff from across the world, and from many different cultural backgrounds. Without our multi-lingual staff, we wouldn’t be able to understand the needs of our clients with such accuracy. Without staff from a variety of educational backgrounds, we wouldn’t have such a broad collective skillset. Without staff with different beliefs, we wouldn’t have such breadth of opinion and perspective at Centrick which helps us understand that each client has different needs and goals. No matter who you are, we’re ready to find out what makes you unique and help you build a meaningful career.

Every Day Is Different

The nature of working in property, whether in Sales and Lettings or deep in Asset Management, BTR or Building and Estate Management is that every day offers something different. Although many of our clients are returning and long-standing customers, we consistently receive a steady influx of interest from prospective investors, developers, buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants. As such a renowned agency, Centrick has access to an abundance of opportunities for growth: in fact, we’re expanding across England with new city hubs in Sheffield, Manchester and Portsmouth. Our main hub in Birmingham City Centre is a mere five-minute walk away from Birmingham New Street Station, and is centrally located for optimised access for both clients and staff. Our offices are far from mundane – with characterful open-plan workspaces, decorative wall foliage, and communal spaces – we couldn’t be prouder to offer such a special, creative space for our employees. With investment funnelling into our regional city hubs, especially Birmingham, Centrick are ready for the challenge, and we hope you are too.

We are always on the look out for passionate, talented individuals to join our team. For more information on what Centrick can offer you, contact us using the form below, or apply for one of our positions here.