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Love Where You Live

Download the groundbreaking Love Where You Live research to uncover the sentiments of BTR and PRS renters across the UK, and discover the latest BTR trends for the years ahead.

Explore what truly makes tenants tick

Over the past decade, Build to Rent properties have swelled in popularity, becoming staples in cities across the UK. These developments provide tenants with the freedom to access high-quality, modern, stable housing solutions without the need to get on the housing ladder – which is becoming increasingly difficult.

But how do tenants truly feel about BTR developments when compared to traditional PRS models?

Is BTR giving tenants what they want, or is PRS still king? And – most importantly – what can the investors, developers and BTR operators of the future do to ensure that their existing and in build property developments truly cater to the evolving needs of the modern resident?

Since 1995 Centrick has supported investors, developers and institutions create thriving communities. Built on two decades of working with and exceeding the expectations of residents in the rental sector has given Centrick and the VICI BTR team a unique perspective on what makes a successful community. Our goal is, and has always been, to go further than setting the standard for today but to foresee and anticipate the trends and shape the market into the future.

Our goals for this research were to take an objective, unbiased litmus test of the perceptions and opinions of 600 completely objective renters across the UK, in order to provide a unique perspective to organisations and individuals seeking to raise standards, increase tenant retention rates, and improve net operating income (NOI).

Explore Regional Trends

What makes Manchester marvel? What turning Birmingham off? Understand the key priorities regional residents are looking for and features that are making them reach for extra budget.

What’s in the Love Where You Live research?

BTR: A Retrospective

We examine why BTR has become so prevalent, what solutions it provides for tenants across the UK, and what we can learn from its rise to prominence.

What Influences BTR Demand?

With a strong focus on amenities and community, it’s no wonder BTR properties are becoming increasingly popular. But what features do tenants really want?

Regional Trends

Looking at key cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester, we uncover the true feelings of BTR and PRS tenants across the UK.

Looking To The Future

BTR has experienced a swift rise in popularity – but what does the future hold for this ultra-modern form of renting?

Download the Love Where You Live research

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