6 Myths About Changing Office Space

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect office space, chances are you’ve encountered more than a few myths about the current commercial landscape in the UK. The pandemic has created a sense of anxiety surrounding the future of the office which many have taken to mean that the office is a dying commercial space not worth investing in – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The office has never been more important, which is precisely what we will be investigating today, alongside dispelling five other myths about changing office space:


Offices Are Redundant Post-Pandemic

Many people believe the office space is dying in the new era of home-working, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The commercial space continues to thrive, with employers recognising the importance of the office for inspiring the workforce and encouraging collaboration. Although remote-working is on the rise, evidence suggests that most employees prefer a mixture of home and office working, otherwise known as hybrid-working. This is down to a few reasons: home-working has become synonymous with pandemic lockdowns and restrictions, leaving many employees feeling suffocated by having an entirely remote job. Instead, most enjoy the flexibility of being able to determine which days would be more productive spent at the office – for example, for meetings with clients – and which days should be designated as home working days. In short, whilst remote working looks like it’s here to stay, the office certainly hasn’t lost its relevance.

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You Can Do It On Your Own

Sure, you can spend time searching for your next office space on your own, but it’s a far easier process when you hire an office agent. They take the complexity out of the situation by providing you with expert advice and access to exclusive units, thereby leaving you to work on your own personal projects. Office agents are particularly valuable in helping you negotiate the terms of your office lease, which can be laden with legal jargon and complex clauses that the average person may be unfamiliar with – they are truly indispensable assets for those changing office.

Changing Office Disrupts Your Work Dynamic

It is true that office culture is inextricably associated with the physical office space. However, a smooth transference of commercial space should eliminate any issues regarding your workforce feeling out of place or unsettled. This is especially true if the office you are moving into is an open space which encourages cross-collaboration and allows colleagues to settle in as a collective. With attracting talent in this age of competition more difficult than ever, it’s important to ensure that your current workforce feels satisfied in their new office, and that your new hires feel comfortable working in your new environment. Choosing a prime office space that’s a reflection of your business will encourage this, and will ensure that your businesses work dynamic thrives in a commercial space that offers opportunities for collaboration and growth.

A New Office Won’t Encourage More Office Working

There’s actually a thirst to return to the office and return to normal, pre-pandemic behaviour. Many employees enjoy the sense of purpose that commuting to the office brings, and the access to amenities in their offices – from lightning fast broadband, to complimentary coffee, and not to mention the ability to socialise with colleagues and clients. A new office is a great opportunity to reignite this passion for working together and can offer a fresh start that represents a break away from the pandemic modes of working that many felt stifled by.

Changing Office Means Upgrading

Sometimes, businesses change offices because they’re downsizing, or they’ve decided to shift the bulk of their workforce over to remote working. Not all office moves have to be expensive upgrades that integrate the latest technology in the newest buildings. Changing office is about what suits your business, your budget and your workforce: if that means shifting to a smaller unit on a road with greater footfall, or an office with fewer amenities to cut costs, then so be it!

Relocating Offices Is Stressful And Time-Consuming

Akin to moving house, many businessowners stress over the logistics of physically moving operations from one location to another. However, your office agent can help you time your office move to minimise disruption and ensure that you maintain peak productivity. Office agents can also arrange the storage and movement of your office supplies and furniture so you don’t have to do it, which leaves your staff free to continue working as usual.


Looking to change your office space?

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