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What To Expect From Your Building Manager

Building managers are an integral part of a residential development – they are an authority figure that can be consulted in times of need, can answer key questions about the building, and are able to liaise with other teams to expedite necessary tasks. But what exactly should you expect from your building manager, and how do you know they are performing optimally to the benefit of your development? Centrick have condensed the responsibilities of building managers down to six key points:

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Financial Transparency

Building managers must be able to inform owners and leaseholders of specific details regarding expenditure on the building, specifically in relation to how their service charges are being spent. Many property owners, specifically those with variable service charges, will come to their building manager with questions about where their money is going, what works are in the pipeline and whether it is making a positive impact. A building manager should also be able to provide information on budget preparation and cost monitoring.

Ability to Contact

If you have questions for your building manager, you’ll need know where to find them! Which leads us to our next responsibility of a building manager: they should be easy to contact, especially in case of an emergency. Residents and leaseholders alike should have contact information for their building manager, know what times they will be on the clock, and know who to contact for out of hours assistance. This is especially important when liaising with external contractors and service providers who may need to gain building access and know who to chase for payment.

Leadership Skills

This point may sound obvious, but leadership skills are imperative in the creation of a good building manager and can make all the difference in the smooth running of your property development. Strong leadership skills make your building manager a trusted and reliable port of call for complaints and queries, and ensures that they have the aptitude to not just manage the development but the staff that work within it. They should be comfortable hiring, training and supervising staff members that may be part of security, concierge, maintenance and cleaning teams, and should be able to divide their time effectively to overlook the smooth running of each department.

Problem Solving

You should expect your building manager to plan ahead for every inevitability and respond to any issues promptly to seek a resolution that is effective and long-lasting. Such problem solving skills typically come with years of experience, which is why Centrick’s fifteen years of dedicated service and knowledge makes our Building and Estate Management team expert problem solvers, with plans in place to mitigate any dilemma.

Putting Safety First

Perhaps the most important responsibility of a building manager is the safety of residents, visitors and staff. These people should feel comfortable and confident that their safety is of the utmost importance thanks to the building manager’s unrivalled expert knowledge of the development and associated protocols. This includes a comprehensive understanding of fire prevention and escape routes, security systems, and the execution of emergency protocols. A building manager should also be comfortable passing this information on to other staff members and residents by deploying safety seminars and notices to the benefit of the wider team to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge to keep themselves and their peers safe.

Regular Inspections

Lastly, building managers will be able to organise regular inspections and produce detailed condition reports for each aspect of the development. They will subsequently be able to recommend and enact any protocols in response to the condition report, and update the relevant parties based on the inspection findings. These reports should be carefully stored for easy retrieval, creating a catalogue of records that can be drawn upon in the future.

Ultimately, their responsibility is to ensure that the development they work within is up to the rigorous standards set out to ensure optimal safety for residents, staff and visitors, so your building manager should be up to date with any codes of conduct and building requirements that could impact your property.

Centrick’s exceptional team of Building and Estate Management experts know precisely what makes an astute building manager, and the impressive impact they can have on your development and your residents’ quality of life. Our experts can help you create the most effective team to run your development, increasing tenant retention, resident satisfaction and boosting yields. For more information on the difference Centrick can make to your property, contact our team using the form below:

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