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We maximise income opportunities, keep tight control of operational costs and constantly identify ways to optimise income from your BTR developments.


By creating sustainable communities and industry leading resident experiences, we're able to support build to rent property growth.


For over 15 years Centrick have supported developers and investors to build high performing, engaged communities. VICI brings together our industry leading expertise into one place.

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Reach your audience

Optimise your awareness and outreach campaigns with ease.
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Effortless onboarding

Connect and convert tenants seamlessly.
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Create Communities

Build real, stable and sustainable communities.
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Optimise Performance

Optimise income from your BTR developments.
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VICI Reach

Visibility, reach and influence are key pillars in creating a high-performance BTR development. VICI Reach combines an extensive portal presence with social listening, optimised microsite presence and pre-built social communities to ensure your build to rent development maximises its potential.

  • Integrated, extensive, nationwide access to property portals
  • Targeted, insightful social promotion with measurable KPI’s
  • Launch, pre-let, let-up and long-term resident microsites fully linked to service and engagement apps.
Vici - Welcome

VICI On Board

VICI Onboard helps you convert impressions and clicks into real residents, maximising your conversion rates and ensuring you never lose a potential tenant. We combine tenant procurement and progression with referencing and contract creation for a truly seamless build to rent management experience.

  • Go from inquiry to on-board effortlessly
  • Track and manage tenant qualification and application status
  • Create a premium tenant experience from day one


Vici - onboard

VICI Engage

Creating communities takes more than just bricks and mortar. VICI Engage helps you build long-term relationships with your residents at the touch of a button, starting with development-specific microsites. VICI builds informative service portals, engaging amenity guides and combines instant messaging with on-the-go service apps.

  • Front-of-house excellence is key to creating a community
  • Bespoke resident portals to share community news
  • Service app to pay bills and book services seamlessly
Vici - Reporting

VICI Perform

Optimise the performance of your BTR sites with VICI Perform. A transparent and manageable platform that measures every element of your build to rent development performance.

Get clear insight into core Occupancy, Void and Yield data in one place and manage Risk and Building Compliance from one, simple tool.

  • Manage statements and arrears quickly and efficiently
  • Stay in control of maintenance costs, with clear line of sight on risk
  • Analyse and maximise yields in line with demand

Build to Rent property management is the management of properties specifically built for rent, rather than owner-occupation.

In the majority of cases, all of the units within the development are owned by an investor or developer.

Since Build to Rent developments typically have communal amenities such as co-working spaces, gyms, cinemas and other areas, they often require professional on-site management.

By working with a professional Build to Rent property management service, investors and developers can guarantee a high level of service and a consistent experience for users.

Build to Rent management is particularly important with BTR developments as a major attribute of the property class is the amenities and extra benefits it can offer.

The success and draw of a build-to-rent development is based on several factors including: tenant sourcing, tenant onboarding, user experience, performance reporting and amenity quality.

Effective build to rent management can impact all of these factors, creating a seamless and consistent experience for both users and developers.

VICI can help developers and investors create highly-engaged, high-performing communities, optimise income and attract new residents.

Our Build to Rent consultancy – VICI – is a seamless BTR solution designed to impact each element of Build to Rent management.

Our first pillar – VICI Reach – is ideal for building visibility around your development, reaching new potential audiences and establishing your presence in the market.

Next, we have VICI On Board, which allows you to turn interest into opportunity. By combining tenant procurement services with a unique tenant experience pipeline, we can ensure you never miss a potential new tenant.

Finally, VICI Engage and VICI Perform guarantee that you’re building long-term relationships with tenants, crafting a positive living experience and then optimising the performance of the development – from rental returns and yields through to costing and maintenance.

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