Reinstatement Cost Assessments

Having carried out RCA’s on a range of units and portfolios in both the public and private sector, you can trust Centrick’s RICS accredited valuations team to provide you with a reinstatement cost assessment you can rely on.

Reinstatement Cost Assessments` Reinstatement Cost Assessments

What Is A Reinstatement Cost Assessment?

A reinstatement cost assessment is undertaken by RICS professional valuers to determine the extent of damage inflicted onto a property. A qualified valuer will attend your property and examine it in full to reach a conclusion regarding the total predicted costs of a rebuild in the event of extensive damages, otherwise known as “Reinstatement”. In the unfortunate event of property damage, the RCA will be used to inform your insurance provider how much money is needed to restore the property in full. In the event of a claim for damages, your reinstatement cost assessment is likely to be used to justify any payout from your insurance provider.

We have a team of qualified RICS surveyors

At Centrick our team of RICS qualified surveyors work across residential and commercial property to provide accurate, professional assessments – we’ve valued buildings of all types from standard construction to listed buildings, considering all elements of the core build in addition to any extensions, alterations and any unusual features that may be more difficult to replicate.

Reinstatement Cost Assessment FAQs

Find out more about RCAs and what they can cover for you.

What Is Covered In A Reinstatement Cost Assessment?

An RCA considers how much it would cost a property owner to foot the bill for a comprehensive rebuild of the property in question. Essentially, if the property were to be built again from scratch in the event of horrific damages, how much would it cost to bring the unit back to its condition at the time of the cost assessment?

After your chosen valuer has carried out their RCA, you will receive a detailed review. Your assessment will break down the estimated costs not only for the rebuild of the property, but the demolition of the remaining structure, removal of debris, and professional fees.

How Often Do Properties Require Reinstatement Cost Assessments?

It is important to obtain an RCA regularly, with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors recommending that a new assessment ought to be carried out every three years. This should be even sooner should you undertake any major works on your property. It is also important that you obtain updated RCA’s that are adjusted for inflation – many surveyors will utilise the ABI/BCIS House Rebuilding Cost Index in between comprehensive assessments.

In times of economic change it is vital to review your RCA on a regular basis and in line with current and forecast levels of inflation.

The Dangers Of Poor Insurance

It is crucial that property owners take the time to obtain a RCA that is as accurate as possible, or risk obtaining inappropriate insurance. Under-insuring your property could leave the policyholder footing the bill for damages in the shortfall, as an insurance pay-out would not cover the extent of the damages. In fact, studies suggest that 79% of properties across the UK are under insured.

On the other hand, taking out an insurance policy where values are inflated or overstating the estimation of potential reinstatement costs could result in the policyholder spending far more on their insurance than is necessary. For those with a portfolio of properties, multiple units with unnecessarily high insurance premiums can greatly impact your bottom line. This isn’t to mention that obtaining the wrong insurance could result in a claim from your insurance provider for negligence, voiding of policy and loss of premiums.

Why Choose Centrick?

At Centrick, we carry out RCA’s on a daily basis and have national coverage, making us well equipped to help with a broad range of properties. We are also subscribed to the Build Cost Information Service (BCIS) which is the most comprehensive database on build costs across the UK, allowing us to give extremely accurate cost assessments based on high-quality data.

What makes Centrick different?

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