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Centrick Become Proud Patrons Of LoveBrum

Centrick are delighted to announce our renewed patronage of Birmingham-based charity LoveBrum as we pledge our ongoing support to local causes across the city to inspire change, promote opportunity, and help those in need.

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What Is LoveBrum?

LoveBrum is a Birmingham-based charity that support projects across the city to empower locals, spread opportunity and deliver tangible change. The charity focuses on supporting causes that may otherwise go under the radar, providing them with the platform and funding they need to create a more meaningful impact.

Members get the opportunity to vote each month for the cause they feel most passionate about, and the most popular cause each month receives valuable funding, business and marketing support to extend its reach and create lasting change. Some of LoveBrum’s recently supported causes include female-based football charity Her Game Too, Centrick’s very own Reconnected, dog charity Monarch Mutts Rescue, bird rehoming charity Avian Angels.

Centrick Become Patrons Of LoveBrum

As long-time supporters of LoveBrum, Centrick are delighted to renew our status as patrons of the charity. LoveBrum’s work aligns with the values of the Centrick team by hailing greater access to opportunity, community initiatives, and the pursuit of sustainability. These are all themes which Centrick aim to support in our everyday activity, with our ongoing support for homelessness charity Reconnected and regular fundraising events for causes including Red Nose Day, Comic Relief and the 2023 Earthquake Appeal. Area Sales Director, Stuart MacDiarmid, explains why LoveBrum was such a perfect fit:

Centrick always aim to be the change that we want to see in the world. Birmingham is our home, our heartland and a huge part of our success, that’s why it’s incredibly important for us to give back to the community in any way we can.  LoveBrum has always been a vital platform for local charities that may not have the same voice as larger organisations, the work that these charities do is changing lives everyday so we’re proud to be a part of that.

LoveBrum provides Centrick with a platform to extend our support in a way that directly impacts the community that we live in, work in and love. We recognise that although Birmingham is a thriving, bustling city that is second to none, there is undoubtedly always work to be done to improve the lives of those across the region. Centrick join a host of other patrons for the Birmingham-based charity, including Aston University, Millennium Point and GymShark, providing valuable support for LoveBrum’s causes.

Want To Help?

Looking to get involved in the exceptional change LoveBrum are bringing to Birmingham? There are plenty of ways to offer your support:

  • Volunteer your skills by organising fundraisers, blogging, sorting donations, promoting the charity… there are plenty of options!
  • Grab some LoveBrum merchandise
  • Become an official member to vote on which charities will receive funding

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