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How To Make Your House A Home

There is a distinct difference between a house and a home. A house serves a function: it’s where you sleep, eat and spend most of your free time. A home is much more – a home is your safe space, a place where you can truly unwind and be yourself, and ultimately a place you love spending time in. But how can you make your house a home, and how can you help yourself fall truly in love with the property you live in? Here are five ways to turn your property into a home you adore:

The Work From Home Dilemma

For many, their house now doubles up as an office, making it even harder to convert their space into a meaningful home. When your place of work is also simultaneously your place of relaxation, it can be difficult to sever your work and personal life, which can lead to stress and an inability to see your house as anything but your workplace. It is important to designate certain activities to specific zones of your house in order to separate your work and home life and try your best to stick to these rules. Try not to work from bed, or even from your dining room table – this could contribute to reduced sleep quality and difficulty enjoying meals with your family, as your home spaces subliminally become workspaces. Instead, set up a desk area in a spare room or conservatory where possible, or even a small section of your living area if you’re restricted on space, and dedicate yourself to working exclusively from this part of your house. This will allow you to better distinguish between your work and home life and can help ensure that your house feels more like a home than a workplace.

A Furry Friend

Most pet owners will claim that having a furry friend makes your house into a home. During the pandemic, 3.2 million pets were brought home to help us make our home lives more meaningful, and to provide us with some company. The latest research also indicates that having a pet can be great for your mental health, helping to reduce loneliness and blood pressure. What’s more, returning home to a cat or dog that is happy to see you can help you make more positive associations about your new property, making you feel as if your house is a home.

Picture Perfect

A house could belong to anybody, but a home is exclusively yours. Add personal touches to your property wherever you can to make it unique and special to you. Pictures and paintings can make fantastic additions to your property and liven otherwise dull rooms by making then quintessentially yours. Place these photos in easily visible areas of your home to encourage regular recollection, and your house will feel more like a home in no time.

Quintessential Style

When you purchase a home, the existing décor may not be to your taste, which can make you feel like an imposter in your own space. Simply put, unless you like the place you live in, it won’t truly feel like yours, which is why it’s vital to infuse your own style into your property. Whether you’re a fan of monochromatic minimalism, bold and bright patterns, or weird and wonderful furnishings, try and implement these features into your property and you’ll be sure to love being at home. Even if you’re in a rental property where you’re limited on the changes you can make, a few scatter cushions, some nice bedding, and even a plant or two can make all the difference! Cue the homeware shopping spree!

A Friendly Neighbourhood

Your home extends far beyond your four walls and can even constitute your wider neighbourhood. Getting well acquainted with your local café’s, shops and parks, as well as exploring any community groups and initiatives, can help you feel more involved in your neighbourhood. It can be especially gratifying to become friends with your neighbours, or those living local to you – this can help you develop a sense of belonging in your home and community, especially if you’re new to the area. So, if you’re feeling a little bit lost in your new community, reach out to your neighbours for support: knock on their door to introduce yourself, search online for neighbourhood initiatives to join, and see if your community has a Facebook group you can join to receive all the latest updates.

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