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How To Sell Your Home In Nottingham Fast

With Christmas on the horizon, many of our Nottingham sellers have been asking the Centrick team for our best tips on securing a ready, willing and able buyer in the quickest possible timeframe. That’s why we’ve compiled our four best tips on how to sell your home in Nottingham fast so that you can make your most informed decisions about when and how to list your unit on the market.

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Is Now A Good Time To Sell Your Home In Nottingham?

The answer to this is a resounding yes! Despite the current cost of living crisis and inflation, the property market in Nottingham remains remarkably resilient thanks to a combination of three key features:

  • high buyer demand, especially thanks to the upcoming HS2 station near Nottingham, brilliant buy-to-let opportunities for student accommodation, and promising investment bids for levelling up
  • fantastic government incentives, namely the Stamp Duty Land Tax cuts announced in September which puts more money in purchaser’s pockets
  • low supply of property, with Nottingham falling short in 2021 by 4,000 homes, leaving many families and investors eager to secure their next purchase

This trio of factors make Nottingham a fantastic place to purchase property, and therefore makes now an excellent time to sell in the city. However, due to a lengthy backlog in administrative tasks since the pandemic, namely in terms of surveys, solicitors and conveyancers, the process that follows the acceptance of an offer is proving lengthy. The time period between ‘offer accepted’ and ‘contracts exchanged’ is now taking an average of 150 days, which is significantly longer than pre-pandemic, making many of our sellers eager to secure a quick sale. Here are Centrick’s four best tips for securing a swift and successful sale of your Nottingham property:

Tip One: Enlist A Trusted Local Agent To Sell Your Home In Nottingham

With so many selling agents to choose from across Nottingham, it is vital that you choose an agent with a good reputation to proceed with. A respected Nottingham estate agency such as Centrick will boost your buyer’s confidence, which in-turn can speed up the sales process. What’s more, you’re more likely to secure viewings with a locally renowned selling agent as they will likely have a roster of existing buyers in their contacts already that may have recently lost out on a property but had such a positive experience with your agent that they are willing to place their trust in them to find their dream home.

Tip Two: Spend Time Perfecting Your Property

Once you have selected a trustworthy local agent, it’s time to prepare for photography and viewings. This is your opportunity to justify the asking price of your property and make your listing stand out from the rest of the listings in your Nottingham neighbourhood. Firstly, we recommend doing your research: look on property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla and observe what is popular for listings in your area. Listings for homes in suburbs such as Edwalton and Bramcote may draw more attention to nearby schools and childcare facilities to attract families, whereas apartments in the Lace Market or Hockley may appeal to buy-to-let investors who will be more concerned by rental yields. Being aware of your target purchaser, and amending your property listing to appeal to these audiences, can boost the efficacy of your listing.

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If your property is looking a little worse for wear, or is currently tenanted, it may be worth scheduling a thorough clean in the days running up to your photography session. This ensures that your property is looking its best, making it easier for interested viewers to imagine themselves living within your space. To seal the deal and encourage offers, Centrick recommends offering an extrasensory experience for in-person viewings by using reed diffusers around your property to add to its charm and create the impression that your property has been well looked after.

Tip Three: List At The Right Price

Listing your property at the right price will take advantage of the currently buoyant sellers’ market in Nottingham, making your unit appealing to both home buyers and buy-to-let investors. To obtain a reasonable valuation, you should research the most reputable selling agents in your area. Many agencies will attempt to secure your custom by over-valuing your home, setting your hopes exceptionally high for a rewarding sale that is likely unattainable. This will likely result in a severe lack of interest which sees your property sat on the market with little to no viewings, resulting in a remarkably slow sales process. Such a drawn-out process can disrupt your forward purchase if you are relying on selling your existing home to fund your move, which can in-turn potentially make your next purchase fall through: in short, getting your home properly valued and listed at the correct price is absolutely crucial.

Tip Four: Plan In Advance

Having a trusted and reputable estate agent is vitally important – however, you will also require a solicitor and conveyancer to help you push your sale towards the point of exchange in a timely manner. To avoid any delays, we advise that you research, contact and secure your legal representatives before a sale is agreed so that the process leading up to the exchange of contracts is as swift as possible. Perhaps the most important aspect of this is being as transparent as possible with your legal team, selling agent and purchaser about the precise condition of your property to avoid any slip-ups once a sale has been agreed. After all, any issues you’ve swept under the carpet will eventually be discovered by a surveyor. This will help you avoid a down-valuation that can put your sale in jeopardy and extend the sale time of your property from a handful of months to much longer.

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