BTR & Asset Management

Our dedicated Build to Rent Asset Management team provides a full consultancy service and integrated property solution

How it works


From early viability assessment, market research and development consultation, we provide comprehensive advice on your scheme.


We identify opportunities to raise rental income and to make cost savings. We also help to identify opportunities for sale, when the time is right.

Maximising Value

Combining our national experience and regional knowledge, we ensure maximum value through intensive asset management.


Using our specialised software, we offer comprehensive monthly reporting on income, expenditure, arrears and voids across multiple properties.

Our Build to Rent (BTR) and residential asset management team successfully advised on, marketed and managed one of the first BTR schemes outside London.  

By undertaking a full analysis of the market, researching local demographics and the level of supply and demand for a BTR development, we provide tailored advice, connections and assistance from initial concept.

We also offer assistance and consultation throughout the development process, as well as pre-launch advice, research and forecasting.  Following launch with a full marketing campaign, we carry out a post-completion review and analysis, with ongoing bespoke reporting utilising cutting edge technology.

We have dedicated Regional Property Managers who oversee teams on each scheme to ensure our own high standards are met, no matter the location.

With our regional capability and knowledge, we facilitate and deliver large residential development schemes across the UK, whilst maximising financial outcomes for clients. We have successfully delivered schemes for global Build to Rent investors and other assorted funds in this way.

Our Regional Property Managers undertake regular site visits while keeping in contact with residents, partner agents and other stakeholders, dealing with any day-to-day matters on the ground as they arise.

Combining our efficient and professional Build to Rent and residential asset management expertise, with our award-winning sales, lettings and estate management services, we can provide our clients with a fully integrated property solution.

Because we have extensive experience in residential lettings and estate management, we can provide clients who have large property portfolios a breadth of services at a more competitive price. Our clients include major developers, funds, large portfolio landlords, LPAs, REITs and administrators – and because of the seamless and joined-up approach we offer across multiple services, we enhance immediate and long-term value.

We are well versed in the financial modelling required for development appraisals, including the process of forecasting gross to net calculations and freehold management.

We also ensure that your development mix is fully in line with local rental market pricing models.  Finally, with smooth financial collection procedures and robust credit control services, the financial aspects of your development are in the very best hands.

Our customised monthly asset management reports include detailed information relating to income and expenditure, arrears, recoveries and void rates.  Our specialised software also has the unique ability to produce a single statement across multiple properties owned by clients.  This bulk reporting means that properties within the same client portfolio can be viewed quickly and more effectively.

Our full service BTR and Residential Asset Management Services include:

Consultation & viability assessment

Accommodation pricing

Ground rent sales

Estate management

Tenant maintenance portal

Regional Property Manager

Regular site visits

Minimising void rates

Maximising income

Controlling costs

Transparent management information

Tenant retention

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Jane Morcom

Group Business Director

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Head of Asset Management